The innovative system that makes performing the Annual Wellness Visit, the Welcome to Medicare Exam, and other Medicare Preventive Services easy, efficient, and effective.

The system is a turnkey solution that identifies, manages, and streamlines health assessments, screenings and services for Medicare patients with an overall goal of prevention and wellness.

The three components of the Medallion Patient Care are:

  1. Health Risk Assessment
  2. Provider Consultation
  3. Personalized Prevention Plan


Designed specifically for the Medicare patient, the tablet and app are intuitive, easy to use and will guide the patient to complete the health risk assessment quickly and accurately. The system provides significant provider time-savings compared to traditional paper and EMR solutions.

Save Time and Focus on the Patient

This streamlined process allows you to:

  • Set up patient records on the tablets in advance.
  • Conduct health surveys efficiently.
  • Aid discussion with use of custom reports.
  • Provide patients with a personalized prevention plan.

Currently 50.7 million people are served by Medicare, yet only 1 out of 3 are familiar with the AWV and WTM. Using our time-saving solution, in a matter of minutes you can:


Get valuable, in depth information about your patients, including:

  • Medical and social history review
  • Depression screening
  • Functional ability and safety risk assessment
  • Physical exams
  • Advance directives

The Annual Wellness Visit includes:

  • Health risk assessment
  • Medical and family history review
  • Current providers and prescriptions review
  • Cognitive impairment testing
  • Personalized screening schedules

Patient care in a more efficient and effective way becomes easy with this unique, time saving solution. Contact us today to learn more about our Medallion Patient Care Solution.

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