Improve Patient Experience through Innovative Services

Practitioners are often caught between the strong desire to provide excellent patient care and the need to keep the practice running efficiently. Fortunately, it is possible to do both.

By partnering with Medallion Medical Management Services (“MMMS”), practitioners and patients are better served through innovative and practical solutions that promote better patient experiences while maximizing practice productivity. Our medical services include a variety of solutions focusing on the patient.

Not only do we provide varying medical services to our practitioner partners, we also will perform extensive research on the latest innovations and medical technology so that our physicians will have access to the newest, most up-to-date information available.


Marketing Support

In this day and age, practitioners should be experienced marketers in order to reach their own patient base and expand services to new patients. Unfortunately, the ever-changing demands of the internet and social media make it nearly impossible for a patient-focused practitioner to manage or implement cutting edge marketing strategies.

You simply have no time.

Our partnership with practitioners goes far beyond offering medical services. We support the practitioner in the operational implementation of a robust marketing service, the training of their staff and outreach to existing and potentially new patients, ensuring successful execution and increased new patient count.

Our current Practitioner Services include:


Device and Testing Services

Patients desire to have access to recently developed technologies and tests so they may have optimal chance for early diagnosis and recovery. MMMS improves patient confidence by providing our practitioners with the opportunity to gain access to these devices. DiaTect is one such device for early neuropathy detection.


Laboratory Services

coming soon

Patient Care Solutions

The innovative system that makes performing the Annual Wellness Visit, the Welcome to Medicare Exam, and other Medicare Preventive Services easy, efficient, and effective.


Pharmacy Services

coming soon

When partnered with MMMS our Practitioners have extensive information at their fingertips to make the best decisions on behalf of patients, thereby offering optimal solutions and the best possible experience.

MMMS establishes long-lasting relationships with our practitioners. The trust and confidence our physicians have in us goes far beyond anything they normally experience. We truly believe in the importance of “strong relationships” with our practitioners and their staff.

Contact us to learn more about the various types of innovation available to your practice and patients.